Enterprise bankruptcy administering services

We can offer the following services:
  • Consulting prior the bankruptcy case initiating, as well as how to behave if the bankruptcy case has been already filed.
  • Document preparation for bankruptcy proceedings, documents submission to court.
  • Providing court with permission to administer company’s bankruptcy procedure.
  • Company’s bankruptcy administering at minimum costs, to take care of all the issues connected to this process.
We can assure that the procedures related to enterprise administering shall be performed at high-quality level and in the most efficient way.

Incorporation of new enterprises

We can assist in incorporation of new enterprises of different legal forms:
  • Preparation of all the documents for company incorporation;
  • Consulting on additional documents that may be required for incorporation, rearrangement of liquidation of a company;
  • Incorporation, registration, rearrangement and liquidation of the enterprise branches and representative offices;
  • We provide mediation services when considering with the Notary Public the documents of a company under incorporation;
  • Consulting and advising on a company management structure, appointment of a company head and other governing bodies;
We can assist in reregistering of:
  • Company’s name;
  • Headquarters address;
  • Activity nature;
  • Registration of changes in governing bodies;
  • Changes in authorized capital;
  • Company’s By-laws;
We can liquidate a legal person:
  • In case of liquidation we perform liquidator’s functions;
  • Finalize transactions with company’s creditors and debtors;
  • Collect information (references) on company’s settlement effected with state institutions;
  • Prepare a liquidation act and distribute remaining property among company’s shareholders (owners), destroy stamps;
  • Prepare documents for submission to archive.